The third season of Big Brother Mzansi is coming!

Yes, it has been almost a year since the last season of big brother mzansi and that has been the second season, and now we are excepting the third season of this reality TV Show.  This is big brother that covers all the South Africa, if you are interested to be part of this TV show make sure you stay up to date with auditions of the upcoming season of big brother mzansi.

The same rules of last seasons of bb mzansi applies to the upcoming season so make sure you have what is asked for and hurry up to the auditions of this show. We are waiting excited for this season, we are waiting for more drama and romance to big brother mzansi housemates and enjoy the great reality show on front of our TV screens.

Big Brother Mzansi is here for the third time, and so far there are millions of people that watches this show and more to joy this wonderful adventure of big brother housemates that will be closed on the same house for about three months to come.

Big Brother Mzansi second season it’s about to start!

Big Brother MzansiThe second season of Big Brother Mzansi it is about to start for this year, so you better be prepared for more drama and romance for this year….! Let’s hope that this season will be as great as the last season of BB Mzansi and let’s hope that Big Brother Mzansi 2015 it is the way to go of reality TV Show this time.

The wait hopefully it’s over and Big Brother Mzansi Housemtes hopefully will be even better than the ones of last season, and make this reality TV show worth watching. This is the most popular TV show on South Africa and on it’s board has a lot to offer to it’s viewers.

Where Big Brother Albania 8 will take place?

Big Brother Albania 8Just cannot wait for the eight season of Big Brother Albania right ? Well we do have a great news for you guys, the greatest reality TV Show in Albania will start on February 2015, so be prepared for drama, show, entertainment and much more from this show. Big Brother Albania 8 will be produced as always by TOP Media in Albania and will last for three amazing months on your TV.

If you are looking for more information about this show please visit this website: here you will be able to see Big Brother Albania 8 Live or direct from BB Albania 8 Live.

Big Brother Africa 2014 coming soon !

Big brother africa 2014Seaz 9 of Africa’s most popular reality TV game show; Big Brother Africa auditions started way back on 30th June, 2014, in various countries including Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa. Big Brother Africa 2014 the same auditions have taken place in the rest of the other 14 participating countries and as we share this info with you, the auditions close this weekend.

It’s only Tanzania and Zimbabwe that still have ongoing auditions and by Sunday 13th July, the show’s producers will officially be closing the audition time. So keep your fingers crossed so that your name pops up when Biggie finally sends that invite to be part of the show.

Zimbabwe: Cynthia Mare Big Brother ‘Fudge’ Exposed


SHE was heavily tipped by the grapevine as being suitable as a candidate to represent Zimbabwe in Big Brother Africa’s freshest season which hits the continent’s screens come August 7.

She followed the encouragement of a media and grapevine, ignorant of the workings of Big Brother and auditioned for the popular reality show that spawned names like Tapuwa Mhere, Munya Chidzonga and Bertha Zakeyo.

Big Brother getaway for Pokello, Elikem

Big Brother getaway for Pokello, ElikemBig Brother Africa’s Romeo and Juliet, Elikem and Pokello, have finally made use of the holiday package they won last year during the show. The package was a five-night, all-expenses-paid stay at the Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort in Mombasa.

From the photos they posted online, the couple must have had a time of their life, as they posed with lawyer Kethi Kilonzo and her son.

Zimbabwe Actor in Big Brother Controversy

Zimbabwe Actor in Big Brother Controversy

IT seems Pokello Nare’s attempt and success at using her naughty girl antics backed by a leaked sex tape with renowned rapper Desmond Stunner Chideme has inspired other wayward artistes to want to use controversies around them to gain fame.

Latest to try this route to world-wide fame have been the antics of Hilary Indi, made famous on the now forgotten soap Studio 263 where he played the character of James Chari.