Good morning to AfricaWhat’s that clucking sound echoing through the walls of the Diamond House?

Did Biggie get the Chasemates a rooster? Nope it’s a bubbly Basseyacting crazy with a capital ‘cray’ early this morning. The Sierra Leonean clearly woke up feeling as right as rain today and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

As he went about his daily cleaning up and dish-washing routine in the kitchen, the cheerful Diamond clucked like a chicken and sang out “Good morning, good morning to you,” in a high pitched voice and chuckled to himself, clearly amused by all the racket that he was making while the most of the lazy Diamonds continued to snore the morning away.

Earlier this week the Diamonds got a stern talking to from Biggie for being lazy and not taking their Task seriously. Later today both Houses will have to try and impress Biggie at the Task Presentation.

Do you think the Diamonds and the Rubies have worked hard enough to win their Wager tonight or have they been sleeping too much?